Live Cattle June 2021
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Quant Analysis is the “Swiss Army” knife of technical analysis.

It should be in every traders toolbox from beginner through advanced !

Today we review our quant tools as they apply to June Live Cattle. After reaching a high of 125.62 this market turned and broke to 112.57. Our weekly and daily quants issued a sell signal on April 19th at 119.40. The market broke to a low of 112.57. This price level has sparked buying interest. 

our daily quant issued a buy signal on yesterday's close. Ohe weekly quant has moved above the 0 line and is setting up to issue a buy signal on Friday at the close. If the daily and weekly quants agree on Fridays close a buy signal will be generated. 

Let's examine the tools Users and Producers employ when attempting to mitigate risk. The term “HEDGE” is widely misunderstood. A more realistic term is “Insure”.

We can show you how to insure you crop the proper way. It has nothing to do with hedging as you know it and eliminates guesswork and the possibility of missing the 

price level at which you wish to set your hedges. Insure your crops and livestock, let us show you how!

Take a two week trial on us. We produce analysis for Futures, Stocks, ETF's and FOREX. 

Choose up to five individual trading products. (I.E.) Live Cattle, JPY/USD, TSLA, UUP etc. 

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