About Us

Same reliable management and ownership since 1983. 125,000 head Capacity. Located 8 miles SW of Hereford, TX. Near 3 major packers and in contact with them daily. Continually updating equipment and employing qualified people to assure reliability. Computerized technology and friendly service. Continual pen maintenance to enhance performance. Consulting nutritionist and consulting veterinarian  make routine inspections to insure the best performance and animal health possible. Sorting of cattle for more efficient marketing

Let us work for you at Bar-G providing these services:

  • Personal Attention
  • Joint Ventures
  • Risk Management
  • Financing Available on Feed and Cattle
  • Feeder Cattle Procurement
  • Finished Cattle Sales
  • A Fleet of trucks to handle your commodity and cattle needs

Johnny Trotter

President/General Mgr.

Res: (806)-364-1172

Cell: (806)-346-2508

Email: jtrotter@bar-g.com 

Kevin Bunch

Assistant Mgr.

Cell: (806)-346-2506

Email: kbunch@bar-g.com

Mike Anthony


Cell: (806) 346-3586

Email: manthony@bar-g.com

P.O. Box 1797

Hereford, TX 79045

(806) 357-2241